Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

China is one of the leading nations in the development of cell and gene therapies and is the second largest in the world for CAR-T clinical trials.

With government hands-on support, increased specialised workforce, rapid build-out of 200 or more robust therapies pipeline under production capacity, and driving the next wave of innovation, precision manufacturing and tailored therapies that are unlocking China’s full potential to be the leading manufacturer of next-generation cell and gene therapies.

Part of the 6th Biopharma Development Week, Informa Connect’s 2nd Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing summit will be one of 3 colocated events spanning the biopharma market value chain. Spotlights on current regulations, commercialisation, clinical trials market, pricing and alongside benchmarking global standards.

2020 Highlights

  • Regulatory pathways for cell and gene therapies in the region, and China
  • Finding the market growth
  • Addressing the next wave of innovations in cell therapies
  • CAR-T, solid tumor and untapped liver cancer markets
  • Latest CAR T-cell technology developments
  • North Asian market spotlights – South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan
  • Upscaling the manufacturing potential – Latest advances in cell and gene therapies
  • Industrialisation in China – Collaboration for global standards and developing cGMP manufacturing facilities
  • Managing cost and accelerating manufacturing process
  • Facilities design and construction call therapies
  • Manufacturing for autologous T Cells
  • Efficacy evidence and clinical trials – How they affect product launch and outcomes-based pricing arrangements in China
  • Product registrations, submission and approvals
  • Commercialisation models and case studies of CAR -Ts
  • Track, track and overall effective supply chain systems
  • CRISPR/Cas9 case studies
  • Biotech Investors Roundtable: Financial incentives, investments and pricing
  • Payment systems, patient access and reimbursement challenges in China
  • Leaders’ dialogue on running a successful CAR T trial in China
  • Clinical drug development for cell and gene therapies – How ready institutions are?