Cell Line Development and Engineering Asia

Novel, optimized, and innovative – with China’s growing and increasingly competitive biologics market, industry players are seeking out innovative and practical methods to develop a successful cell line and perfect production processes.

The 9th Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia is the region’s leading conference for bringing together the brightest minds, innovators and industry players to uncover novel techniques, optimize workflows, and accelerate CLD for commercial success.

Hear from global and regional cell line experts on best practices and the latest case studies for improving yields, cell line expression, as well as discuss up-and-coming topics for genomics, therapeutic cells, technology and more.

2020 Themes

  • Engineering host cell lines: spotlight on industry case studies and advancements in cell engineering techniques
  • Genomics and CRISPR in focus: China’s current state of play for IP, regulation, and industry perspectives on CRISPR adoption
  • New host cell lines: use cases and considerations beyond CHO
  • Automation digitalisationand integration of big data into workflows: navigating the various tools for data-driven, accelerated, and next-generation CLD
  • Novel CLD platform technologies and tools: new advancements and industry use cases for the incorporation of novel technologies
  • Global and regional trends: key updates on Chinese CLD markets and investment landscape
  • Enhancing the development cycle: strategies for product quality control, improved productivity, best practice for optimizing media and culture conditions for stability

Local and Overseas Pharma Manufacturers Attend for Free

Organisers reserved rights to accept/reject complimentary pass applications submitted, also to request specific job functions as described below. This is to ensure you gain maximum benefit from conference content and networking activities.

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Managing Director
  • Scientists
  • Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of:
    • Cell Line Development & Generation
    • Cell & Antibody Engineering
    • Protein Sciences